Primary Care and Primary Care Nursing

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Nursing perspectives on factors influencing interdisciplinary teamwork in the Canadian Primary Care setting

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Determinants of Health

Barriers to primary care responsiveness to poverty as a risk factor for health.

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Chronic Disease Management

Health literacy and nurses' communication with Type 2 Diabetes patients in primary care settings

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This research study examines the use of a communication technique and reveals the impact of an overuse of medical jargon on patient comprehension during diabetic visits.

The cost-effectiveness of birth-cohort screening for Hepatitis C Antibody in U.S. Primary Care settings

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Women's Health

Why abused women do not seek professional help: a qualitative study

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Evidence-based dietary management of functional gastrointestinal symptoms: The FODMAP approach

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Infectious Diseases

Surveillance report of Zika virus among Canadian travellers returning from the Americas

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Wound Care

The art of dressing selection: a consensus statement on skin tears and best practice

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Optimizing the moisture management tightrope with wound bed preparation 2015

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Understanding vaccine hesitancy in Canada: results of a consultation study by the Canadian Immunization Research Network.

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